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Clay Sculpture

Artist Statement

Tanya Tyree

Clay Sculpture

My new series of clay sculptures are handbuilt and created primarily from flat slabs of clay or altered  wheel-thrown forms. Abstracting the figure and focusing on simplified forms with intricate surface development, I want my sculptures to express a positive female spirt and evoke that peaceful, yet powerful energy. Each piece is incised with abstract drawings that help reveal its mystery. After the sculptures are incised and dried, the pieces are bisque fired in my kiln. I use underglazes, oxides and other glazes, which are brush glazed on the forms, and then kiln fired again to cone 6. Each piece is created solely by me and is unique in form, design and surface. My goal is to create works that convey a mood, connecting you to its mystery. Each piece is an evolution in process with each sculpture being a unique continuum of my artistic destination. I’ve been working with clay since 1992 and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in 1994. I am currently a full time artist and exhibit in art shows across the country. Please visit my website to learn more about my work and exhibitions.

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